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Assisting childhood cancer families ourselves since 1992, we have found there are so many needs unaddressed by existing organizations.

It is truly our passion to engage support for families who are dealing with childhood brain tumors and late-effects of childhood cancer.

Many people do not realize that even though the children may be surviving longer, their chances of health problems due to their treatments increase.  Problems like heart damage due to radiation therapy, effects on growth, thyroid dysfunction, fertility, obesity.  Brain function and academic achievement has been confirmed as lowered due to radiation on the young brain.  Chemotherapy damages normal cells as well as the cancer cells.  Chemo given into the spinal column has been linked to learning disabilities.  The younger the child is at the time of treatment, the greater the risk.  Other chemotherapy treatments have been linked to problems with vision, hearing, growth and development, thyroid, muscle and bone, sexual development, respiratory, teeth and emotional issues.

With the growing number of children diagnosed every day, our goal is to help these families engage together and give them hope, strength and encouragement to endure the challenges everyone in the family faces.  Family retreats, social events, outings, workshops and more can help give these families the opportunity to strengthen their lives with the support, wisdom and encouragement of others who have experienced similar scenarios to theirs.

Leaps of Love appreciates all support or references anyone can provide. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or to set up a presentation for your group.

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