Yard Olympics – September 3, 2017



10th Annual Yard Olympics

Sponsored by Zobrist Motorsports benefiting Leaps of Love

Sunday, September 3, 2017

$10 per player – food provided, BYOB

This just in…. 10th annual Yard Olympics are coming up on Sunday Sept 3rd (the Sunday of labor day weekend) at the ZOBRIST MOTORSPORTS complex, at 11:30. Please forward this to your friends!

Food will be provided, all we ask for is for everyone to bring their own beer/beverage and a 10$ donation per player with all the proceeds going to LEAPS OF LOVE, an organization that helps families dealing with childhood cancer. If you want to bring a side dish, feel free to do so. The Top three teams will get prizes and there will be a 50/50 with prizes. We are going to limit the teams to the first 64 people that sign up, so come early. We also will have a Euchre tournament for those that wish to participate. We have also ordered shirts again, that will be for sale. There will be a bounce house for the kids and the pool will be open.

For more information contact: Zobrist Motorsports, Darren Rottman (618) 410-4585 * 12760 Iberg Rd. * Highland, IL  62249 or Traci (618) 410-7212

Share Your Love Program – Holiday Family Adoption

 Share Your Love


(Holiday Adoption Program)

Leaps of Love has a different approach to helping families during the Holiday Season.  For the past 8 years, we have concentrated on what we can do to help these families with provision that help strengthen the family unit and experience togetherness that is sometimes strained in their situations.

Some of our thoughts include having a family portrait taken, sending the family to dinner and a movie; purchasing theatre tickets, providing sporting event tickets, special event tickets; gift certificates to restaurants, Dave & Buster’s, Chuck E Cheese, The Incredible Pizza Co.  These are just a few ideas that will give the family a chance to be together as a family to enjoy various traditional family activities during the Holidays that they don’t otherwise get to enjoy.  These special times together will only bring the family closer!

We are also open to helping the families with other needs that may arise, such as helping with gifts, clothing and food but our main focus is to help provide experiences and activities the whole family can enjoy together.

If you would like to participate in our ‘Share Your Love’ Program, please contact us info@leapsoflove.org or Traci (618) 410-7212

For those who are hard to buy for, consider making a donation in honor of them or in memory of someone special as a gift this season.

All families are strictly confidential with the LOL Organization and the laws that apply.


Gift Cards – Gas (BP, Shell, Casey’s, QuikTrip, etc.), Grocery (Aldi’s, ShopNSave, Schnucks,Wal-Mart, etc.), Restaurants (Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, etc.), Speed Lube

Toiletries – Cleaning Supplies – Bath Towels/Wash Cloths – Kitchen Towels – normal, everyday items that we take for granted but add up in expenses.

Gift cards – Sports Authority, Finish Line, Nike, Papaya, Game Stop, Kohl’s, etc.

All items needed by Friday 12/15/17.   For pick up or delivery, contact Traci @ (618) 410-7212

40 Frame Game Bowling Tournament – March 17, 2018


Men’s Division:   1st Place – Kenny Meece 1119; 2nd Place – John Clarkin 1028; 3rd Place Floyd Trame 995; 4th Place – Wendell Hopper 966

Women’s Division:    1st Place – Stacey Keck 835; 2nd Place – Christa James 829; 3rd Place – Erin Huelskamp 9=796


A perfect score is 1305 with all the bonuses added in.

Separate Prize Money for Men and Women.

  • Payday Frames: Paid at end of game.
  • 9 Pin No Tap: Knock down 9 on 1st ball, strike.
  • Bonus Frame: Strike and earn 10 extra pts.
  • Sour Grapes: -2 pts for every pin left standing.
  • Mulligan Frame: Don’t like the 1st shot, redo it!
  • Super Sour Grapes: -5 pts for every pin left standing.
  • Big Kahuna: 25 extra points.
  • Bingo Bango Bongo: Strike 3 times in the 40th frame, win $$.
  • Big Whammy: Strike the last 6 frames means you hit the BIG WHAMMY! – optional side pot