Lifelong Outcomes Clinic

WHO:  Adults (ages 18+) who completed treatment for pediatric cancer 2+ years ago, no matter where

WHERE:  Siteman Cancer Center-South County, 5225 Midamerica Plaza, St. Louis, mMO  63129

The Lifelong Outcome Clinic will:

  • Empower patients after cancer treatment to optimize their health
  • Patients will receive a treatment summary and survivorship care plan
  • Late-and long-term effects from cancer treatment will be discussed
  • Benefits from clinic include education and optimizing health of patients

For an appointment, call 314-747-1171.  Referrals from health-care providers are welcome.

Three in five adults who survive childhood cancer experience ongoing health problems after treatment ends or go on to develop delayed complications.  Such late effects can include infertility, heart conditions, secondary cancers and endocrine disorders related to the pituitary, thyroid or pancreas – even anxiety and survivor guilt.  Regular follow up is important.

The Lifelong Outcomes Clinic works with adult survivors to develop a free follow-up care plan based on the earlier cancer diagnosis and potential late effects of cancer treatment.  Survivors should share this plan with their current physician to ensure proper monitoring and care.