Yard Olympics – September 3, 2017



10th Annual Yard Olympics

Sponsored by Zobrist Motorsports benefiting Leaps of Love

Sunday, September 3, 2017

$10 per player – food provided, BYOB

This just in…. 10th annual Yard Olympics are coming up on Sunday Sept 3rd (the Sunday of labor day weekend) at the ZOBRIST MOTORSPORTS complex, at 11:30. Please forward this to your friends!

Food will be provided, all we ask for is for everyone to bring their own beer/beverage and a 10$ donation per player with all the proceeds going to LEAPS OF LOVE, an organization that helps families dealing with childhood cancer. If you want to bring a side dish, feel free to do so. The Top three teams will get prizes and there will be a 50/50 with prizes. We are going to limit the teams to the first 64 people that sign up, so come early. We also will have a Euchre tournament for those that wish to participate. We have also ordered shirts again, that will be for sale. There will be a bounce house for the kids and the pool will be open.

For more information contact: Zobrist Motorsports, Darren Rottman (618) 410-4585 * 12760 Iberg Rd. * Highland, IL  62249 or Traci (618) 410-7212

40 Frame Game Bowling Tournament – March 17, 2018


Men’s Division:   1st Place – Kenny Meece 1119; 2nd Place – John Clarkin 1028; 3rd Place Floyd Trame 995; 4th Place – Wendell Hopper 966

Women’s Division:    1st Place – Stacey Keck 835; 2nd Place – Christa James 829; 3rd Place – Erin Huelskamp 9=796


A perfect score is 1305 with all the bonuses added in.

Separate Prize Money for Men and Women.

  • Payday Frames: Paid at end of game.
  • 9 Pin No Tap: Knock down 9 on 1st ball, strike.
  • Bonus Frame: Strike and earn 10 extra pts.
  • Sour Grapes: -2 pts for every pin left standing.
  • Mulligan Frame: Don’t like the 1st shot, redo it!
  • Super Sour Grapes: -5 pts for every pin left standing.
  • Big Kahuna: 25 extra points.
  • Bingo Bango Bongo: Strike 3 times in the 40th frame, win $$.
  • Big Whammy: Strike the last 6 frames means you hit the BIG WHAMMY! – optional side pot