CHILDHOOD CANCER because “NO one fights alone!:

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Leaps of Love embraces families affected by childhood cancer by providing hope, strength and encouragement to meet the challenges they face today as well as the long-term effects of tomorrow.

Clinic visits * FAMILY Weekend Retreats * Young Adult Cancer Survivor Retreat * Bereavement Retreat * Family Get Togethers * Outreach Services * and much, much more!

There are many fundraisers for you to join us at, so grab your friends, family and neighbors and come on out.  We would love to share more of LOL with all of YOU!!

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B.E.A.T. Support Group – March 5


B.E.A.T. (Brain Tumor Education and Therapy) Support Group

This support group is open to ALL Brain Tumor families regardless of place of treatment!  Education sessions are also available via live streaming from your computer even if your are unable to attend.

For more information, you may contact Moroline Whittington, LCSW at 314.454.5196 or

2016 Save the Dates:  March 5; May 21 – Resource Picnic; July 23; September 17; October 22 – Parents Night Out!

40 Frame Game Bowling Tournament – March 19, 2016


MARCH 19, 2016

POPLAR JUNCTION LANES, Highland, IL * $30 Entry Fee (per person) * Participants must be 18+ * 2 sessions to choose from:  2pm or 7pm * the 2 sessions will be combined to determine winners

To register or receive more information: contact Poplar Junction (618) 654-2695 or Dana (618) 407-4409


A perfect score is 1305 with all the bonuses added in.

Separate Prize Money for Men and Women.

  • Payday Frames: Paid at end of game.
  • 9 Pin No Tap: Knock down 9 on 1st ball, strike.
  • Bonus Frame: Strike and earn 10 extra pts.
  • Sour Grapes: -2 pts for every pin left standing.
  • Mulligan Frame: Don’t like the 1st shot, redo it!
  • Super Sour Grapes: -5 pts for every pin left standing.
  • Big Kahuna: 25 extra points.
  • Bingo Bango Bongo: Strike 3 times in the 40th frame, win $$.
  • Big Whammy: Strike the last 6 frames means you hit the BIG WHAMMY! – optional side pot

St. Charles Family Weekend Retreat (Spring 2016)



Leaps of Love would like to invite all Neuro-Oncology families to an unforgettable weekend away in St. Charles, Missouri for FREE!!

You will begin enjoying your weekend on Friday evening, April 8th until Sunday afternoon, April 10th.  Lodging, food, sightseeing and meeting other families will be just some of the fun you will experience.

The focus of this retreat is to connect you with other families struggling with similar situations and to make everlasting friends that will provide hope, strength and encouragement for years to come.

To register your family for the upcoming Spring Retreat, please fill out the “Retreat Interest Form” from the Forms menu above.

ARCH Retreat (Achieving Recovery from Cancer to Health) June 10-12, 2016

ARCH Retreat 2015

The ARCH Retreat has been designed to benefit young adult childhood cancer survivors (18-30) and connect them with each other which will improve their social lives; support them with their medical and vocational issues; and assist them with any after care concerns that may arise.

To register for the 2016 Summer Retreat, please fill out the “Retreat Interest Form” from the “Forms” menu above.