Leaps of Love 2015 – 5 Years and Growing!!

As we celebrated our 5 Yr. Anniversary, we took a look back at what we have already accomplished and are BLESSED beyond words!  THANK YOU all for your support and we look forward to many more years of fulfilling our mission!!!

2015 Calendar of Events

April 10 – 12:  St. Charles Family Weekend Retreat

April 18:  NCCS Beyond the Cure Conference

May 16:  BEAT Picnic

June 12 – 14:  ARCH Retreat, Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors

August 1:  LOL Night At The Races

October 10 – 12:  Hannibal Family Weekend Retreat

October 23 – 25:  Bereavement Retreat

December 31:  NYE Family Celebration

2015 Calendar of Fundraisers

January 19 – 24:  Toy/Supply Drive for STL Children’s hospitals, Highland, IL

March 13 & 14:  Local Musicians Charity Fundraiser, Turner Hall, Quincy, IL

March 21:  Crawl for a Cause, Edwardsville, IL

March 28:  40 Frame Game Bowling, Highland, IL

April 24:  LOL Derby Dance Party, Fairmount Park, Collinsville, IL

May 5:  Give STL Day!

September 6:  Yard Olympics, Zobrist Motorsports Complex, Highland, IL

October 16:  Nine at Night Golf Tournament, Carlyle Golf Club, Carlyle, IL

November 6:  $10,000 Dinner Dance, Lindendale Park Ballroom, Highland, IL

If you would like to help in raising funds for LOL, please contact your nearest LOL office: St. Louis Region * 618.410.7212     River City Region * 573.221.4409 OR info@leapsoflove.org

LOL Night at the Races – August 1, 2015

Leaps of Love Night At The Races!!!

Family Get-Away to Pigeon Forge – Be there to WIN!!!!!

Gates Open @ 3pm * Grandstands Open @ 5:30pm * Pill Draw Ends @ 6pm * Races Start @ 6:30pm

This will be a day of fun for the LOL families and participants that evening.  Meet & Greet with the drives, racing games in the afternoon, dinner at the track and much, much more!

There will also be a Bone Marrow Drive going on during the race…You could       logo-bethematch


Hannibal Family Weekend Retreat (Fall 2015)



Leaps of Love would like to invite all families dealing with late effects of childhood cancer, to an unforgettable weekend away in Hannibal, Missouri for FREE!!

Late-effects can include damage to the brain, eyesight, and hearing; affect muscle and bone growth and development; the heart; teeth; reproductive and respiratory systems…simply to name a few.  Beyond the physical affects, emotional issues may also occur.

You will begin enjoying your weekend on Friday evening, October 9th until Sunday afternoon, October 11th.  Lodging, food, sightseeing and meeting other families will be just some of the fun you will experience.

The focus of this retreat is to connect you with other families struggling with similar situations and to make everlasting friends that will provide hope, strength and encouragement for years to come.

To register your family for the upcoming Fall Retreat, please fill out the “Retreat Interest Form” from the Forms menu above.